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"SAIPRO" reliability rating

Financial reliability of "Uzbekinvest" confirmed at level "uzA ++"

"Information-rating agency SAIPRO» by the results of 2014 confirmed the rating of "Uzbekinvest" at «uzA ++» (Excellent financial reliability).

The agency notes that by the results of 2014 the company's quantitative indicators and their trends in comparison with the previous year have improved. The total premium of the company grew by 39.9%. In 2014, the company paid insurance compensations in the amount of 12.7 billion soums. Overall, the loss ratio of "Uzbekinvest" is acceptable and does not have a significant negative impact on the comprehensive assessment of the company.

The company within its activity extensively uses the reinsurance tools as well. By virtue of the presence in the portfolio of the largest contracts of insurance in the country, the company operates in outward reinsurance to stabilize the insurance portfolio. In general, the company's reinsurance activity has a positive impact on both the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the insurance portfolio, which ensures a comprehensive assessment of reinsurance activity at a high level. 

The company has an extensive network of regional branches, covering all regions of the country, which is one of the factors, which provides leadership in the insurance market. The network of regional branches is evaluated as an active and positive impact on a comprehensive assessment of the company's business activity. 

In 2014, the assets of the company increased by 12.0% and accounted to 280.6 billion soums. "Uzbekinvest" in terms of assets is the largest in insurance market of the country. The composition of the company's assets at the end of 2014 maintained its good and stable condition. The stable financial position of the company, the implementation of a substantial margin of solvency standards established by the regulator of the insurance market and a leading position on the market are essential factors in ensuring the preservation of the rating of the company.  

The company is a leader of the market in terms of investments as well. The share of investments of the company in the total investments of the market is over 40.0%. In 2014, there were no significant changes, the volume of the investment portfolio and investment income has increased. Investment incomes played an important role in forming the positive financial results of the company and had a favorable impact on the assessment of the "Uzbekinvest".