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Infectious Disease Insurance

Under this insurance policy you can insure yourself or your family members in case of occurrence within insurance period of one of the 15 infectious diseases stated below:

1. Salmonellosis;
2. Staphylococcic food poisoning;
3. Botulism;
4. Brucellosis, first diagnozed;
5. Diphtheria;
6. Meningocococcis;
7. Tetanus;
8. Tick-borne vernal encephalitis;
9. Viral hepatitis:
a) viral hepatitis type A;
b) viral hepatitis type B;
c) other types of hepatitis, as specified viral;
10. Lyssa;
11. Mumps;
12. Measles;
13. Scarlet fever;
14. Whooping cough;
15. Acute poliomyelitis.

In case of falling sick by one of these diseases you must contact our Assistance Service and bring the extract from the disease history on the basis of which you shall be paid the appropriate amount of money as a percentage from the sum insured.

Besides, the price for this policy is the lowest one comparing to other types of insurance.