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April 1994 - Uzbekinvest National Insurance Company was established.

November 1994 - Uzbekinvest International joint venture (London) was established to provide insurance protection to foreign investors against political risks.

1995-1996 - Network of regional branches and representative offices was established operating in all areas of the republic today.

February 1997 - according to Decree of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan the Company was reorganized into the Uzbekinvest National Export-Import Insurance Company.

May 1997 - Uzbekinvest Sarmoyalari investment company was established

August 1997 - Uzbekinvest Eximinform Marketing Agency was established

October 1997 - Uzbekinvest NEIIC became a member of the International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers (Berne Union), a section of Eastern European countries.

March 1998 - the agreement with ELVIA international assistance company (Switzerland) was signed to provide reciprocal medical, technical and legal assistance services in foreign countries.

October 1999 - Uzbekinvest NEIIC together with the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations of Uzbekistan held the international conference on "Issues of Facilitating Export Output Promotion".

April 2000 - Uzbekinvest Assistance service agency was established to provide medical, legal and technical assistance services to individuals and legal entities of Uzbekistan.

May 2000 - Uzbekinvest NEIIC had organized and hosted the meeting of export credit agencies (ECAs) of Central and Eastern Europe of International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers (Berne Union) in Tashkent.

September 2001 - The Sales Center was launched to sell insurance policies to individuals.

September 2001 – it was signed an agreement between Uzbekinvest NEIIC and Coris International Assistance Company (France) on provision of mutual services in medical, technical and legal assistance in the CIS and Baltic countries.

November 2002 - Sugurta Olami, insurance business training centre, was established.

December 2002 - license № 00001-SF on providing insurance services was received.

September 2003 - "ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems: Benefits And Ways Of Implementation" information conference for exporters was held in cooperation with Certification Network MC GmbH (Germany) consulting company and Uzbekinvest Eximinform Marketing agency and under the aegis of the Complex of Foreign Economic Relations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

December 2003 - Uzbekinvest company became the first company in financial services market of Uzbekistan to receive confirmation of compliance of its quality system to ISO 9001:2000 standards and certificate of RW TUV (Germany) international certification body which was recognized worldwide. The presence of such certificate leads to increase of trust and recognition by world insurance business leaders, expansion of company's presence in the reinsurance market and its successful integration into international insurance community.

December 2003 – Uzbekinvest Hayot was established with charter capital equivalent to USD 500 thousand. The purpose to establish was to improve social support to broad segments and groups of population and develop new basis of long-term and cumulative life and health insurance mechanisms in accordance with international standards.

December 2003 - Uzbek-Polish business seminar was held in Warsaw within the framework of the Third meeting of Uzbek-Polish Intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic and scientific-technological cooperation by Uzbekinvest company together with KUKE, Export Credit Insurance Corporation. The main focus of the seminar was to discuss the issues of cooperation in the sphere of foreign economic activity, in particular, use of export-import credit insurance in foreign trade relations between Poland and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

April 2004 - Uzbekinvest achieved 10 year! The international business forum on “The Role of Insurance in Creating Unified System of Stimulating Foreign Economic Activity” was organized and held by Uzbekinvest company in order to share experiences and develop main directions of improvement and stimulation of foreign economic activity system of the republic within the framework of the integration process of the Republic of Uzbekistan into international community. The signing of Insurers’ Professional Ethics Code by insurance companies of the Republic under initiative of Uzbekinvest also became the significant event of business forum. This code represented standards of the best practice of civilized behavior in business. The code was signed by 12 insurance companies of the republic.

At the beginning of 2005 – it was received the license N SF № 00045 of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan for insurance activities in such insurance classes as railway insurance, marine insurance and liability insurance in marine insurance and insurance of costs related to legal protection.

28th September 2005 – Fahritdin Anvarovich Saidahmedov was assigned as new Director General of Uzbekinvest NEIIC under the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers N 218.

From 24th January to 14th February 2006 – “Export operations insurance” business seminars were held by Uzbekinvest company in all regions of the Republic and Tashkent city. In seminars, in addition to the companies directly involved in export-import operations, the specialists of Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade of Uzbekistan, commercial banks, Chamber of Commerce and State Customs Committee also took active part.

By results of 2005 and 2006 – The company was awarded uzA+ rating (very high financial stability), the highest among insurance companies of Uzbekistan.

In October 2006 - An Information Service was established in the Company structure to follow the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 203 "On Measures to Develop Public Relations of State and Economic Bodies" dated by 22nd September 2006.

March 2007 – The Company received certificate of its Quality Management System’s compliance with ISO 9001:2000 International standards from SGS Tashkent Ltd. (Switzerland) international certification body. Receipt of this certificate once again confirmed that the company had followed the line of improving the services quality and competitiveness according to demands and expectations of its customers.

April 2007 – The Company held a briefing to mass media (the press, television) dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the company in order to improve favorable public perception of image and reputation of the company in the market, increase the role of insurance and insurance awareness among the public. The Company made a presentation on insurance of various business lines and long-term insurance at the briefing.

September 2007 – Uzbekinvest company won in two nominations such as “Continuous Improvement” and “The Best Management Representative of QMS” in Yalta international seminar organized by SGS (Switzerland) certification body. This fact confirmed once again that the leading positions of the company in the market are the result of correct management strategy oriented on quality.

June 2008 – Uzbekinvest NEIIC for 2007 results was awarded uzA++ rating (high level of solvency with a positive outlook) which is the highest rating on the national scale of Akhbor-Rating (Interbank rating company).

October 2008 – Based on independent analysis of financial solvency of insurance company by the results of 2007 conducted by SAIPRO company’s specialists, Uzbekinvest NEIIC was awarded uzA++ rating (excellent financial reliability) which is the highest rating on a national scale among national insurers.

20th October 2008 – Uzbekinvest NEIIC held a briefing for mass media and own partners in “Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent” hotel on fulfillment of the Law “On Obligatory Insurance of Vehicle Owner’s Civil Liability” to explain social significance and all conditions and procedures of the implementation of compulsory insurance. In accordance with the requirements established by legislation to work in compulsory insurance, the Company announced the start of sales of policies on obligatory insurance of vehicle owner’s civil liability from 22nd October 2008.

December 2008 – Uzbekinvest started a new phase of its advertising campaign, having developed and applied new corporate style (brandbook) in its advertising introducing a new logo and general slogan (short promotional phrase) entitled “Insurance works!”. When positioning the Company to foreign partners the company’s name remained as “UNIC” abbreviation which had been positioned along with a new logo as the new logo became the link between the two names of one company – Uzbekinvest and UNIC.

January 2009 - Moody` s Investors Services Ltd. (UK) has assigned Uzbekinvest NEIIC the international rating of financial stability at B1 level, "Stable Outlook".Uzbekinvest company was the first and the only insurance company in Uzbekistan which obtained international rating. According to Moody`s, the key advantages of Uzbekinvest are exceedingly strong capitalization relative to insurance risks taken, leading position in export credit insurance and stable position in domestic insurance market.

January 2009 - As part of implementation of the Law “On Obligatory Insurance of Vehicle Owner’s Civil Liability” Uzbekinvest company continued to open new representative offices and insurance outlets for sale of compulsory insurance policies throughout the country. Thus, to ensure the availability and efficiency of insurance services for clients - vehicle owners in the center of Tashkent - in the head office of Uzbekinvest company there was opened terminal for sales of policies of vehicle owner’s civil liability obligatory insurance.

April 2009 – Uzbekinvest celebrates its 15th anniversary!!! A 15-year experience had given very positive results. At that day, the company became one of the largest and leading insurance companies not only in the republic but in Central Asian region as a whole. At the event dedicated to this anniversary, the winners of “1000th client” marketing action held as drawing among clients were awarded with prizes. Moreover, following corporate traditions taking into account harmonious combination of moral and material incentives, the most distinguished employees by the result of their work were awarded with diplomas.

April 2009 – Akhbor-Rating and SAIPRO rating agencies for the results of 2008 renewed Uzbekinvest NEIIC rating  of uzA++ with “stable” outlook reflecting “high level of solvency with positive outlook” and “Excellent financial reliability” which were the highest rating among national insurance companies.

February 2010 - "Uzbekinvest" has moved to the new office building at 2, A.Kodiry str. Convenient office location in the center of the capital (Alay bazaar place) as well as accommodation of its divisions in the new building - Tashkent city branch and Uzbekinvest Hayot insurance company has allowed to increase efficiency and integrity of insurance services provided to existing and potential customers.

April 2010 - Uzbekinvest NEIIC is 16 years in insurance market! Staying one of the largest and prospering insurance companies in the domestic market throughout its history, Uzbekinvest company was able to achieve success in building relations with the clients and the main result was the trust of thousands of customers and partners. Today’s customers are the largest industrial enterprises, foreign trade participants, transport and trading companies, banks and foreign representative offices.

April 2010 - On the III International Insurance Forum organized by SAIPRO, Uzbekinvest NEIIC ​​became the double winner in “Oltin soyabon” contest in such nominations as “For the Personal Contribution to Insurance Development" and “The Best Director of the Regional Branch of Insurance Company in 2009”. The winners were Kamil Khasanov, General Manager of Export Risks & Investment Insurance Department, and Saidolim Nasretdinov, Director of Uzbekinvest NEIIC branch in Tashkent city, who were at the very beginning of the Company’s activities and were professionals in their work.

September 2010 – Uzbekinvest hosted seminar on implementation of Laws “On Obligatory Insurance of Vehicle Owner’s Civil Liability” and “On Obligatory Insurance of an Employer's Civil Liability”. The workshop was attended by representatives of Oliy Majlis., Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan., Ministry of Labor and Welfare of Uzbekistan, National Road Safety Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan as well as by a number of large and small organizations and businesses of the Republic and media.

December 2010 - Uzbekinvest Assistance service agency has introduced new Call-center automatic system based on IP-telephony developed on a standard platform. Its uniqueness is in uninterrupted customer service minimizing the human factor, and creation of an automatic database for each client.

February 2011 – Uzbekinvest successfully passed the supervisory audit for conformity of Quality Management System to requirements of ISO 9001:2008 conducted by SGS international certification body (Switzerland).

March 2011 - Participated in the Banking Forum organized by the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekneftegaz NC and JV “Uz-Kor GasChemical”.

April 2011 - Participated in IV International Insurance Forum in Tashkent.

Held a briefing for the mass media representatives dedicated to the 17th anniversary of establishment of Uzbekinvest NEIIC.

May 2011 - Opened new branches in Tashkent city, Kashkadarya, Samarkand and Syrdarya regions in order to expand regional network.

Participated in the Berne Union Prague Club meeting in Phuket, Thailand

June 2011 - Moody’s Investors Services Ltd’s has confirmed Insurance company’s financial rating of B1 – Stable.

SAIPRO Rating Agency has confirmed Company’s financial reliability on UzA++ level (Excellent Financial Reliability) – the highest rating on the national scale.

July 2011 - Conducted seminar on “Role of Insurance in Financial Services Provision for Small Business and Private Entrepreneurs” in the purpose of explaining advantages of insurance protection for small business and private entrepreneurs, including family business.

August 2011 - Held negotiations and signed cooperation agreement with KSURE within the framework of official visit of the Korean delegation to Uzbekistan.

September 2011 - Signed reinsurance agreement with KUKE (Poland).

Participated in International Yalta Financial Forum, Yalta, and delivered “Export-Import Risks Insurance Practice in Uzbekistan” presentation.

October 2011 - Conducted seminar on “Principal Features of German Insurance Model” organized in collaboration with the Association of Professional Participants of Insurance Market and Xalq Sugurta Insurance company for national insurance companies.

Participated in International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange.

November 2011 - Conducted seminar on “Strategy of Development and Improvement of Life Insurance Products” in collaboration with State Inspection of Insurance Control under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan and FALIA, Fund of Life Insurance Development (Japan)

Participated in Berne Union Prague Club meeting in Muscat, Oman.

December 2011 - Opened Insurance Center in order to diversify the range and volume of services provided to population. Developed new insurance products for the population such as: “My Family”, “My House”, “My Car”, “My Health” and “My Business”.